Murphy really needed some help. He was jumping on everyone, scaring our kids, and pulled on the leash everytime he went out. He was a rescue, so we don't think he had much, if any, socialization before. I really am impressed with the trainer Tom and Bulletproof Dog Training. They took a dog from one extreme to the other in just 15 days. He is now leash free. Both ours and Murphy's quality of life has greatly improved. We can take him on walks, he gets the appropriate amount of exercise, and he can play with the kids without scaring them. Tom has stayed in touch after we got home to check in and help us correct any problems. I would recommend Bulletproof to everyone with a dog.
We are the proud parents of Jethro, a rescued German Shepherd. Jethro knew the trainer Bill since his rescue days and had attended his puppy training class. He spent 15 days with Bill and Tom and now is a delightfully transformed dog. Before he listened only to Daddy, and now walking with Mom without a leash is amazing to watch. The only constructive criticism I would offer is for more frequent and daily progress texts for us parents who miss their pup being away for so long the first time.
We sent our new puppy Jessie to Bulletproof Dog Training for the 15 day program. Tom the trainer did a fantastic job not only training Jessie but keeping us informed with her progress throughout. Jessie is a delight to walk and will behave as a good girl when asked even though I still let her be a puppy sometimes. Thank you Tom for all the hours and hard work you put into our girl, we will make sure to continue to work with her every day.
Bill our trainer is an amazing man and trainer. Our Apollo was a destructive, barking,annoying dog.Today after his training session, Apollo is a well behaved, well mannered dog.We are so happy to take "the new" Apollo home! We can not thank Bulleproof Dog Training and Bill enough for all of their hard work and dedication.We will definitely recommend you guys to everyone we know that needs you!
I am very pleased with the results from Bill. His Honesty and dedication to my dog was outstanding. I appreciated his flexibility and time on working with our schedule. Our ability to handle and walk off-leash with our dog has been tremendous. Thanks again to Bill (Bulletproof)